Why chicken pickles are delicious?

We all know a guy who loves all kinds of chicken dishes. Well, the chicken thing overshadows all the other meats out there. But have you ever tried pickled chicken before? If you are South Indian, you have probably eaten pickled chicken at least once in your life as pickled chicken is more popular in the south than in other countries. Apart from the taste, eating marinated chicken has other health benefits if it is prepared properly.


Why chicken?


Chicken, being one of the most popular meats, is loaded with many nutrients. Chicken is low in calories but high in protein, which promotes muscle growth and is important for optimizing bone health. Protein can aid in weight loss and help maintain lean body mass because protein increases satiety.


Some of the health benefits of eating chicken:


Helps Build Muscle: Chicken is lean meat and one of the best non-vegetarian sources of protein. Chicken contains less fat and more protein, making it ideal for those looking to build muscle.


Relieves Stress: Chicken contains two nutrients, tryptophan, and vitamin B5, which are great for relieving stress. Apart from the taste, these two nutrients have a stress-relieving, pleasant and calming effect on our bodies, making chicken an excellent choice on a busy day.


Keeps Your Bones Healthy: Apart from protein, chicken is rich in several other minerals, such as phosphorus and calcium, which help keep bones intact. Selenium, which is found in chicken, is known to reduce the risk of arthritis.


Boosts Immunity: The chicken soup has been used for years as a home remedy to relieve colds, flu, and other common respiratory infections. The hot steam from the chicken soup helps clear a stuffy nose and throat. In addition, a thick liquid (soup) covers the throat to prevent the respiratory tract from causing infection, thereby preventing inflammation in frequent infections and boosting immunity.


Improves Heart Health: Chicken is rich in vitamin B6, which plays an important role in preventing heart attacks. Chicken is also a good source of niacin, which helps lower cholesterol because it contains less saturated fat. Chicken is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which have beneficial cardiovascular effects and more.


Why Eat Marinated Chicken pickles?


Pickles are natural probiotics because they are fermented. Fermented foods are good for gut health and provide many health benefits. We have described some of the many health benefits of chicken above. Fermentation only increases the health benefits. All of our pickles are completely homemade using fresh ingredients from the local farmer’s market.

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