Bitter Gourd kababi Pickle – 400gm


Weight: 400gm

Karela pickle is added with less oil. Cut into pieces, carefully chosen karela vegetable, seasoned with carefully chosen spices and very little virgin mustard oil It’s as wholesome and delicious as your own homemade karela sabzi.

We have the best handmade recipe around. It’s just how mothers and grandmothers used to survive. Just before the summer heat really kicks in, we initially get fruits and vegetables from the ever-so-green and plentiful farms. We next hand-cut the evenly sliced meat, sun-dry it, and marinate it in a mixture of spices.

For your convenience, cut portions rather than complete karela pieces.

Before 18 months from packing, for best results.

A top-notch item from ACHARI PICKLE

Without a doubt vegetarian! No synthetic colours. Nothing added.

These pickles are a terrific flavour enhancer for all of your meals because they are made in the most hygienic circumstances possible with little oil and real herbs and spices.