Non-Veg Pickle—Delight to Food Lovers

If there’s one thing that can instantly add a burst of flavours to your bland and boring meals, then it’s got to be those little juicy, spicy and scrumptious pickles that can add life to your indulgences. In fact, in India every region boasts of some enchanting pickle recipes that have been passed on through generations.

Pickle paired with paratha is like music to the soul. Uppinakayi in Kannada, Pachadi in Telugu, Urukai in Tamil, Uppillittuthu in Malayalam, Loncha in Marathi, Athanu in Gujarati and Āchār in Hindi, India’s tradition of pickle is thousands of years old. According to the New York Food Museums’ Pickle History timeline, cucumbers from native India helped begin a tradition of pickling in the Tigris Valley in 2030 BC. Picking is a process of preserving food through the process of fermentation. One can pretty much pickle any vegetable, meat & fruit. The ingredients used in pickling help extend the lifespan of the vegetable/fruit/meat by lowering the pH level of the ingredients. Pickles also have health benefits as well, as they aid digestion But have you ever tried a yummy Non Veg pickle which you can pair with all your delicacies to add some soul to your

Non-vegetarian pickles are much more than that sad bottle of lemon pickle sitting on the dining table. The meat, soaked in all the masala goodness, becomes nice and firm. The pickling of meats and fish is traditionally popular in the four Southern Indian states, and Goa. There’s logic and great taste to the age-old practice.

Although this may surprise you, non-veg pickles are in fact very prevalent in south India — in households were meat is consumed, a meal without them is considered incomplete. Every state in south India makes non-vegetarian pickles and each household has its own traditional recipe, passed down from mother to daughter. Many states in the North-East also make meat pickles, with pork pickle being their favourite

When it comes to north India, Non-vegetarian pickles are not very popular but it doesn’t mean that you miss the opportunity to taste all these juicy, tangy & tasty pickle of chicken, mutton, fish & prawn in north Indian style. If you drive from Chandigarh to Shimla, you will see shops lining the road selling chicken and mutton pickles. Quality can vary but these pickles are very popular. These shops sells chicken and meat achaar, all made with mustard oil, without any preservatives. If you live far from this place & thinking that meat and fish pickles were hard to get! In fact, they are easily available, thanks to the miracle of Internet ordering. We don’t need to bother to look for them in shops. And the best part is they are nearly all made by small artisanal operations or by adventurous ladies in their own home kitchens You can easily get the recipe also of all kind of Non-veg pickles on internet, you just have to make your mind & follow below points before making Non-vegetarian pickles at home:

  • Don’t use iodised salt for pickles. Use sea salt. It improves shelf life and taste.
  • Masalas used for pickles should be roasted at the right temperature on slow flame, so that the taste is enhanced.
  • The jars used to store pickle should be washed thoroughly and dried in the sun to ensure the pickle doesn’t get spoilt.
  • There should be no water in the pickle to ensure long shelf life, so use clean dry spoons to stir and don’t add water to make ginger-garlic pastes.
  • Always use the best ingredients, fresh and of good quality.
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