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India is the country of pickles. Pickles are a staple of every Indian dish and are considered a staple of both North Indian and South Indian dishes. From lemon pickle to mango, ginger, garlic, chili, and pickles, you name it and you can find it in India. Different regions of India marinate fruits and vegetables differently, according to their centuries-old traditions and recipes handed down from their ancestors.


However, non-veg pickles are not common in northern India but very common in the south. Meat-eating households always have non-veg pickles in their diet. It can be consumed with various types of bread such as rotis or even rice. Pickle gives a pleasant spicy taste and takes our culinary experience to the next level.


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What types of non-veg pickles are there?


The knowledge and traditional Indian recipes for making pickles have been passed down from one generation to the next for centuries. Most Indians cook without standard recipes, adding ingredients of their choice and quality. This is probably why most conventional Indian dishes don’t come with standard recipes that have the right size. Everyone has a peculiar version that they like. As a top-notching wholesale pickles supplier and wholesale pickle manufacturer, we provide delicious pickles to the people.


Speaking of pickles without vegetables, several northeastern states make pickles for meat. Pickled pork, for example, is an absolute favorite. The Coorg people of Karnataka love to eat pork. That’s why they make the traditional pickled pork. Wild boar hunting was once widespread in the area due to the dense forest area. Therefore, wild boar is made pickled because it is abundant. However, nowadays, marinating pork is less common in the region. We are one of the premium wholesale pickles suppliers and wholesale pickle manufacturers who deliver a quality sort of products.


In areas where beef is legal to eat, people eat pickled pickles, as well as pickled chicken, fish, shrimp, and mutton. It is an integral part of the traditions of many South Indian families. For example, pickled beef is a delicacy in Kerala.


What to consider when preparing non-pickles?


When preparing pickles without vegetables, the first thing to remember is never to use iodized salt in them. You should always use sea salt as it enhances the taste of the pickle and also increases its shelf life. Also, any spices you use for marinating must first be properly roasted over low heat at the right temperature for the best flavor.


Wrapping up


As is evident, India has a long heritage of pickles and meat lovers should not be disappointed thanks to the incredible variety of veggie-free pickles on the market today. Most meat lovers have a delicious non-veg version of pickles that they prefer. If you love pickles but don’t want to make your own, can make you drool at a variety of homemade pickles without vegetables. From boneless pickled chicken to pickled shrimp, you can find it all on our site. Order now and satisfy your craving for irresistible non-veg pickles to go with your meal!

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