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What are the best health benefits of Indian Non-veg pickle

Nonveg Pickle

Pickles have been the taste of Indian cuisine for a very long time. Nearly all the Indians find it impossible to simply consume a meal without a pickle on the side of the plate. Indians feel that their meal is incomplete without the pickle in their plate whether it is Veg or Non-veg pickle.


Every home has at least one jar of pickle that is created with a combination of Indian spices and fruits or vegetables. They also make non-veg pickles like Chicken Pickle, Fish Pickle, Mutton Pickle, Prawn Pickle. Delicious pickles are made by our mothers and grandmothers and served to us.


But have you ever thought why these pickles are so well-liked? What is it about these pickles that makes people prefer them to commercial ones over homemade ones?


This is a result of the extensive variety of ingredients which are used to make these irresistible pickles that drive people crazy. These elements are equally delicious and alluring, regardless of one’s background or customs.


These pickles are very nutritious in addition to being delicious. Let us examine several significant yet healthful advantages of eating pickles.


Health benefits of Pickle

  • It improves digestive health. An upset stomach makes it impossible to live happily. Our bodies create a variety of probiotic bacteria within the digestive tract, which often help with food digestion. These bacteria are being eliminated, nevertheless, as a result of our increased use of antibiotics and our declining dietary patterns. This may result in several intestinal issues. Achari’s handmade naturally fermented Indian pickles can help to fill this gap by encouraging the development of these bacteria, which will aid in the improvement of your digestive health.
  • The main cause of death worldwide is heart disease. For this reason, it is advised to eat meals that are beneficial for your heart. Indian pickle’s healthful ingredients help to take good care of the heart by reducing levels of harmful cholesterol. Its contents include a lot of substances that can aid in strengthening heart health.
  • Pickles like Amla and Gooseberry are not only good for the heart and digestion, but they also protect the liver. They have hepatoprotective qualities that are advantageous for preserving the liver. Additionally, consistent consumption of these can lessen liver damage.
  • Pickles made with vinegar may help lower blood sugar levels, according to studies. Your insulin level might improve if you eat these pickles after a meal that is high in carbohydrates. You should avoid consuming salty pickles because they can raise your blood pressure, which is bad for your health.
  • Do you know that eating pickles can boost your immunity? Yes, you heard it right. The pickle contains turmeric, which, as we all know, has powerful anti-inflammatory effects that can boost our immune systems. If we have a healthy immune system, we can readily fight off any bacteria or virus that is present in our bodies.
  • One of the abundant sources of several nutrients, including carbohydrates, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and many more is Indian veg and non-veg pickles. Numerous vitamins, including Vitamins C, A, and K, are also abundant in pickles. Chicken pickle, prawn pickle, and fish pickle are very rich in vitamins and other healthy ingredients.
  • The tasty Indian pickle has also been shown to help with weight loss. The right combination of fresh, farm-picked components in the mix aids in lowering excess body fat and turns fat into energy.


Some myths about pickles

  • Salt in pickles causes high blood pressure. High blood pressure is only prevented by increasing salt intake. Other elements like insufficient sleep, inactivity, eating processed meals, etc. can also increase blood pressure. It is advised to use kala namak or rock salt in place of ordinary salt in pickles.
  • Pickle in oil is bad for heart health. Heart troubles can result from bad dietary habits as well as from oil. Obesity, an excessive intake of junk food, a lack of exercise, and skipping meals can all be contributing factors. You can use healthy oils, like mustard or til, when cooking pickles at home. 



We must give our diet the same consideration we give to every other aspect of our daily lives in order to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Indian pickles are the subject of numerous misconceptions, but the truth is right in front of you. Indian pickles retain the diversity of our unique Indian culinary tradition in addition to being good for our bodies.

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