Choose Chicken Kababi Pickle to enhance the taste on your plate

Sometimes, you feel that your meal is incomplete without a pickle in it. With a sumptuous pickle, not only your plate looks complete but also your tummy indulges. We have been consuming normal (actually vegetarian) pickles for a long time. Achari Pickle is coming up with the idea of turning your pickles into non-vegetarian ones. Chicken Kababi Pickle is one of the most preferred lip-smacking pickles that people love to have.


Why Chicken Kababi Pickle 


Pickles are a strong part of Indian meals. It has been a part of our culture for several years. In ancient times, people had experimented in this way to preserve things for a long journey. Their technique made the core ingredient delicious. The process of making pickles is as ancient as our civilization is.


It can be also assumed that the pickling culture originated in India and moving ahead with this, non-vegetarian pickles. Chicken Kababi Pickle is purely an innovation with the north Indian ingredients like mustard oil and much more.


Is it good to buy?


First of all, pickles are meant to enhance the taste of your meal. Therefore, it is always a good deal to buy and keep a jar of Chicken Kababi Pickle at your dining table. From the family member to guests, you can serve the chicken pickles for offering a variation in their taste. Even if you are tired of eating vegetarian (actually the usual) pickles, the Chicken Kababi Pickle can introduce freshness to your taste buds.


The pickles are a reliable source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. They aim to keep the body fit with healthy bacteria and when it comes to Chicken pickles, the benefits get multiplied. We have created a wide range of chicken pickles to give you several health benefits with the non-vegetarian intervention in your diet.


‘Achari Pickles’ includes the various anti-oxidant properties. We further preserve the taste of chicken with the spices of kabab. Our ultimate blend of spices ensures the lip-smacking taste. We have also combined the fiber content of the element while packing in the jar. The goodness of chicken is retained that you can have every day with your meal. 


‘Achari Pickle’ includes a wide range of different pickles under the umbrella term Chicken Kababi Pickle. From the spice combinations to the recipe, each product is different from the other. But enjoying each flavor is indeed redemption for the people –


  • Chicken Black Pepper Seekh Kabab Pickle
  • Chicken Chilli Seekh Kabab Pickle
  • Chicken Chinese Flavor Seekh Kabab Pickle
  • Chicken Crisp Seekh Kabab Pickle
  • Chicken Seekh Kabab Pickle
  • Chicken Rara Pickle
  • Chicken Salt & Pepper Seekh Kabab Pickle
  • Chicken Sour & Spicy Seekh Kabab Pickle


Though each has chicken as the prominent ingredient, the combinations of spices mark the difference.


As soon as Chicken Kababi Pickle touches your tongue, you will feel the authentic taste of chicken along with the perfect blend of spices. Begin with one but don’t forget to try each Chicken Kababi Pickle from the wide range to find your favorite taste among all. Once you get addicted to these awesome chicken pickles, there is no return, positively. Achari Pickle will keep offering the best recipes of non-vegetarian pickles to make the meal more relishing.

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