Achaar – Adding spice to life!

Let me start with asking you a question. What kind of life is more preferable for you?

One simple and monotonous life? Or like one Ranbir Kapoor described in his very popular movie where he said “ Mai udna chaahtu hu,girna chahta hu bas rukna nahi chahta”.

We all got very much inspired from his words and the lifestyle he chose for himself. A life full of adventurers ,fun and exploring new things!

When we talk about life food automatically comes in picture. Because let’s agree, we all live to eat and not eat to live! So, when are existence is based on food emotionally and physically how can we take not take it seriously?

India is a diverse country consisting of various cultures and cuisines along with it. In any Indian dish it is difficult to pick one particular flavour, as there are so many layers to a single dish. So many rich spices and flavours. The nation which is known for its spices and food is only going to make your life better.

Achar, also known as Indian pickles, have been a part of the culture and history for 4,000 years. I would argue that the technique of pickling originated in India. The process is as ancient as our civilization: People first started salting and curing food in brines to preserve it for long journeys. Because nobody wants the journey to be boring and incomplete.

Pickles in India are divided into three categories: vinegar-preserved, salt-preserved, and oil-preserved. Oil is a widely used pickling medium in India. Pickling is one of the most effective methods for preserving food. The pickled food does not need to be refrigerated once it has been preserved, so it travels well and is suitable for long-distance travel.

A spoonful of achaar (pickles) is a must-have on any Indian platter, whether it’s for a vegetarian or non-vegetarian lunch. Many of our fondest childhood memories include helping Grandma make pickles or putting the ceramic jars of pickles outside to dry out in the sun. It became an activity for the summer which we all loved being a part of ,right from the making to the eating in the end.

Pickles are a must add, for most of us when we eat a good wholesome Indian meal. They add a zing to the most boring fare and also are handy, easy to get to. Interestingly the worlds oldest known case of ‘pickling’- the practice of preserving a fruit or vegetable by adding an acidic agent like brine, is deeply connected with India.

With the correct pickle beside you, there won’t be any dish that you dislike ever! Be it even karela for that matter. Achaar has the power and ability to tun anything into a tangy and mouth-watering meal with its magic of aroma and flavourful taste. It not only adds spices to life but also gives us an experience along with it which when cherished only bring smiles on our faces.


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